Hello! Welcome to Glitter, Grace and Gardenias. I created this blog to provide support and inspiration to anyone experiencing loss, major life changes or the inevitable growing pains that come with living life. After my Mom passed away, I went looking for uplifting and resilient content for those experiencing major loss. I found a lot of helpful information regarding the grief process and a lot of inspirational content on living your best life. Only, they were not always in the same place. With my belief that much is to be learned from life’s greatest challenges, Glitter Grace and Gardenias was born to help nurture and inspire resiliency for those experiencing grief, loss and simply life.

My Story
Well into my Thirties, I had not been married a year when my Mother’s 11 year battle with cancer came to an end. I found myself burned out on a corporate career and just simply exhausted from “life”. The devastation of losing someone so close propelled me to take charge of my own life. I walked away from a very lucrative, yet unfulfilling career and started a new journey back to good health. I have learned that just because my Mother’s life on earth has ended, does not mean my relationship with her has. Just as sure as God’s love and grace, my Mother’s love will never fail me.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are able to find comfort and inspiration as I share this journey. And if nothing else, to simply know you are not alone in whatever your current struggles may be