Hello September!



This time of year is always bittersweet for me. I absolutely hate to see the end of summer…..I love the long days, flips flops and warm weather. However, I do LOVE college football (Go Hogs!) so it all works out in the end. Plus, as the seasons change, wonderful colors are revealed and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air. Who could argue with that?

If you pay attention, you will realize that life is in constant motion, always changing from one season to the next. Children grow up, and pets pass away. We live our lives in chapters and experiences from which we will never be the same. Our lives evolve through experience, yet it’s not always the “experience” itself, but the meaning we attach to it that has the most profound impact.

As you know, I am currently settling into married life after losing my Mother. It has been a battle to see beyond the fog of grief and despair to determine what this chapter of my life is going to look like. I have always been a student of life, so trying to learn the lesson out of my life’s greatest heartache has been challenging. While I am still figuring it out everyday, I have already noticed my depth for compassion and empathy has expanded exponentially. I will always miss my Mother, but maybe this is one of her greatest lessons – To increase my capacity for compassion and love, not just so I can understand others better, but so I can understand myself more.

The absence of my Mother is not a change I would have ever welcomed, but if you look hard enough, it’s during times of challenge and change that life often reminds us of its beauty and purpose. For it is by God’s Grace we are allowed to grow from the challenges, changes and heartaches. And because of that, we are all forever blessed……

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