Teal Toes For September

Before my Mom passed away, I never really got involved in many cancer awareness causes, even though I had lost several family members to the disease. I felt that so much of it was over done. The last thing Mom wanted to talk about Cancer (how depressing!), but during her battle she tended to agree and often said it seems like most awareness is about Breast cancer.  There was always a luncheon, cosmetic bag, or piece of jewelry ready to purchase for the cause. While I do believe Breast cancer awareness and research has done tremendous things in understanding women’s cancer, the “below the belt” cancers tended to be underrepresented in comparison, while just as deadly.

I also believe that my mother and her love were so much bigger than that horrible disease. However, the ache of her absence in my life reminds me all too often how Ovarian Cancer robbed us. What if there is a little girl growing up right now with a Mom just as loving as the one I was lucky enough to grow up with? Would I want anyone else to experience an awful loss just because they were unaware of early detection? I was fortunate enough to have my mother for 11 years after the initial diagnosis because she caught it early. So, since September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month I am participating by painting my toes teal…if the simple act of painting my toes an unconventional color will spark a conversation where I can raise awareness or talk about my beautiful Mom, even if it is just once, it is beyond worth it…..




Some great Teal Colors to look for are Zoya-Selene, Butter of London-Henley Regatta, Pure Ice-Watch Me Go, Essie-Naughty Nautical, OPI-Teal the Cows Come Home.

See www.tealtoes.org for more information on how you can participate and raise awareness.




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