What’s In A Name?

This is my very first blog post …. yep, first one EVER! So, now that we have that out of the way, I thought I would share with you the meaning behind the name and give some insight.


GLITTER has always been my favorite color.  Whether pink, green, blue or red, if it sparkled then it was automatically my favorite color.  It is only natural that I include Glitter on anything that pertains to me. Besides, we can all use a little sparkle every once in a while…..

Aside from God’s divine GRACE, Christian Author C.H Spurgeon once said “There are some graces which would never have been discovered if it were not for your trials”.  Grace has carried me here, and by Grace I will carry on.

GARDENIAS were always my Mom’s favorite.  Their heady fragrance and delicate beauty were something that she cultivated.  It all started when my Grammy rooted the gardenia blooms from her wedding bouquet and grew a row of lush bushes that still exist today.  From those plants, my mother was able to root some blooms and grow her own, all originating from the flowers in her wedding bouquet some 47 years ago. It was only natural for me to keep the Gardenia sent to her service from a very special friend. I have proudly begun to cultivate my own beauty in her honor.  Every time I smell a gardenia bloom, thoughts of my Mother rush through my mind, so its only appropriate that she is represented here as well.


As for the tag line – NO GRIT, NO PEARL – I think we all have to dig in our heels and suffer through some storms in life in order to become and discover the treasure we are meant to be.



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